Writing was the start of healing

Writing heals

I used to feel so guilty about my past. I have made so many mistakes. I have let so many people down especially myself and my children. I thought of myself as weak and useless and sinful. I had low self-esteem and didn’t think of myself as a very good person. Writing was the start of my healing.

I wrote down all my resentments and everything I could remember in my life that was negative. I also wrote down all the positive things in my life that I could remember. After I finished writing everything down I shared it with someone I trusted. Amazingly, the person I shared it with didn’t hate me after I told them about my past. I was able to realize that I was doing the best that I could in my life at the time.

This exercise has been amazing and eye-opening. Writing has helped me to forgive myself and to not feel guilty about my past. As I forgave myself I began to accept and even love myself. I am able to see some of my good qualities. Peace and wellbeing are replacing the guilt and fear that used to be my constant companions. My self-confidence is growing.

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