Unacceptable behavior

My unacceptable unacceptablebehavior.

I find it very easy to react with the same unacceptable behavior that is being given to me. If I’m faced with insults I’m tempted to respond with insults. If anger is directed towards me I want to respond with anger. Sometimes it’s so hard to turn the other cheek.

In support groups I heard others talking about choosing how they will act when faced with confrontation. They talk about how they want to “detach with love” and choose their actions based on their own values, not on how someone else is behaving.

I am still not perfect at choosing my actions instead of reacting, but I am improving. When I choose a gentle action instead of reacting to what others say or do I feel better about myself.

I can “let it begin with me”. I do not have to accept unacceptable behavior and I can start by not accepting unacceptable behavior in myself.