Why don’t my loved ones give me love and support?

I can support me!support

I sometimes want someone to read my mind and give me everything that I need and want. Well, there is someone that can do part of that – ME! Some of my support can come from me.

I can be gentle with myself and give myself love and affirmations. I can notice my own growth and progress and pat myself on the back. When I surround myself with others who love me I will get more love and support.

I live with much less worry and stress when I am gentle with myself. When I notice my good qualities and gently work on my weaknesses I am giving myself love and learning to like myself. When I give myself affirmations I feel better about myself, feel more self-confident, empowered and courageous. I am a creative, happy, responsible and capable person!

When I take the time to look back and see the positive growth in myself I am giving myself approval and love. I have accomplished much! This gives me courage to continue to move forward.

Sometimes I just need love and a hug. My loved ones are often unable to give me the love and support that I need. But maybe it is illogical to expect one person to give me everything I need. I do have friends and family that can give me love and support. I just need to speak up and ask for the things that I need. Every person is different and has something different to offer. I don’t have to get all I need from one person. When I give love and support to others I receive some in return. And I can give myself love and support.

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