support meetings keep me sane!

support meetingsI am thankful for support meetings.

I am learning that support meetings are a way of life. They teach me how to apply the Savior’s atonement to my life in practical ways.

I learn these practical lessons from the steps and principles and also from listening to and watching how others apply the atonement to their lives. Support meetings keep me present, looking around me more clearly and with more understanding. They keep me from wallowing in self-pity and help me see my blessings. The meetings remind me that happiness and gratitude are attitudes that I can develop. I think everyone would benefit from attending support meetings!

I find that I quickly fall back into old habits and weaknesses if I begin to think that I no longer need to go to meetings. It is harder to grow and learn when I am only listening to my own thoughts. I am a much happier, healthier person when I can share and listen to others in meetings.

I know that I can help newcomers in my support meetings. If everyone stopped coming after finishing the 12 steps or principles, then there would be no one for the newcomers to listen and learn from. I am so thankful that there are long time members in the support groups I attend. What a gift of experience, faith and hope they are for me! I learn so much from newcomers. They often say something that helps me deal with my own situations. They help me remember where I used to be and show me how much I’ve grown. Newcomers bring a breath of fresh air and new ideas and thoughts to meetings.

I am so thankful for support group meetings. They keep me sane.

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