Why do I still attend support groups?

Support groups have saved my life from chaos and misery.

freedom lifeWhen I first started attending support meetings I thought I would quickly learn how to manage my loved ones with addictions and how to heal myself and then I wouldn’t need to attend any longer. I was very busy and thought that I had no time for meetings every week.

After 2 years someone asked me why I still attended meetings. I told them that I tried to stop attending meetings and found that I slip too easily back into my old ways of coping with things and being miserable. Support meetings have taught me how to use the atonement to find peace. I need that peace and happiness in my life.

After four years my daughter asked me why I still attend meetings. I told her that they help me to mind my own business and help me to stay out of her business. Minding my own business is still a full-time job.

I have now passed my six year mark of attending support meetings. I still love attending meetings. They always buoy me up and leave me feeling better than when I came. I believe that support meetings have saved my life from chaos and misery. I don’t know what I would have done without the support of longtime members when I first came to support groups. I hope that I can pass the message along.

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