Support groups help me to see

Support groups.

hands support groupsWe all see things as we are not as they really are. Support groups help me to put things in perspective.

Going to support meetings helps me to be honest with myself and to see things as they really are. Things are rarely as bad as I think they are and at meetings I hear that “no situation is hopeless”. I can talk to others and see where my thoughts and actions are illogical. As I listen to others I discover ideas to use in my own life. I see others in far worse situations than my own that are happy, joyful and have serenity and I realize that these qualities are within my reach. I often come to a meeting feeling down and I time and again leave feeling buoyed up and hopeful.

Support groups are helping me learn how to leave my crazy, illogical thinking behind. I’m learning how to be honest, easy going and happy in my everyday life.

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