My happiness is of great worth!


My mind can go round and round about what others have done or said. Before I know it I have lost my happiness, peace and joy. I start sinking into a downward spiral of unhappiness, anger, fear and anxiety.

I know that I am the only one I can control. Sometimes I am amazed at how often I forget this and start worrying about others. My joy and peace of mind is in my own control. I can choose to stop, pray for God’s help and to feel His love. I can listen to uplifting music and choose other uplifting activities. If I turn my mind around then I begin an upward spiral to happiness, peace and serenity.

I choose what I think about. When I withdraw my mind from what others do or have done or said I can instead focus on what I am doing. I can decide not to react to challenging words or actions. My happiness and peace is of great worth. I will guard it with all my might.

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