Grow: I can be a new person!

growTo change and grow takes time.

When I first came to support meetings and saw the healthy happy people around me and saw the value of the steps, I decided that I was going to give my best effort and be healthy and happy too. I did not understand “easy does it”. I was positive that I could get through the steps in a couple months, grow and be a new person.

But, I quickly became exasperated with how long each step took to complete. Frustration came quickly when I easily fell back into old ways when I knew a better way now. This frustration led to a feeling of depression. Then I heard others talk more about being gentle with themselves and about how change takes time.

I know that I developed bad habits and negative ways of dealing with things over my lifetime. I should not expect to change and react in happy healthy ways immediately. As I open my mind to being more flexible, and apply the lessons I am learning to my life, I will change and grow. I will be gentle with myself and everything and everyone around me and remember “easy does it”.

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