Finding Help

How do I FindĀ Help?

Support meetings have saved my life spiritually, emotionally and physically. I am learning how to practically apply the atonement to my life. I am learning skills and tools that help me to overcome fear, anger and anxiety and how to focus on my own learning and growth.

How do I find an LDS addiction recovery meeting? How do I find a spouse and family support group for those who have loved ones who struggle with drugs, alcohol or pornography etc?
Recovery and Support Groups

I feel overwhelmed when I think about teaching my children and grandchildren about pornography! How do I teach themĀ about the dangers of pornography?
Video for children
Family Home Evening lessons
Children’s book and information for teaching children

How can I learn about addiction? How can I teach others? These are short videos to learn about pornography and other addictions and their effects on everyone. These can be shown in Relief Society and Priesthood meetings.
Addiction Recovery Videos
Spouse and Family Support Videos