Respect is a choice

I choose respect!respect

I want to respect others, even my loved ones with addictions and other behavioral problems. But, often I find myself feeling resentment and even contempt for my loved ones from watching or being the target of irrational and irresponsible behavior. I know that resentment or contempt will show in my words, attitude and actions even if I’m trying very hard to be civil and even tempered.

My loved ones have a battered ego and low self-esteem from struggling with their addictions. I know their behavior is often because of their guilt and confusion. All people have good qualities that I can focus on. When I rid myself of resentment and contempt and have good feelings for my loved ones, then this comes through in my attitude, words and behavior. They can feel my respect and belief in them and this may help raise their self-esteem.

I can choose my own responses and attitude. I choose respect and love.

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