Change scares me!

Change is hard.change

Change scares me! I had felt for some time that I needed to make some changes is my life, but, I was afraid. The changes that I needed to make involved other people. At least one person would not like these changes. I also knew that the changes would be a better example for those around me, even for my loved ones who would not like my decisions.

I was right about some people not liking my decisions. When I told my loved one what I was going to do they were very angry with me. They stayed angry at me for a long time. What I did not expect was the relief that I immediately felt. I had not realized that I was carrying so much guilt until I felt it lift away from me. The guilt was replaced by a feeling of happiness and peace. This feeling stays with me and helps me to stay firm in my decisions and to deal with the anger of my loved one.

As I follow my Savior and as I heal through the atonement of Jesus Christ, I continually receive guidance in my life. The more I follow this guidance and direction, more light and knowledge come into my life and I am filled with peace and happiness.

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