Change is painful

Sometimes change is hard.change

It is so hard and sometimes very painful to talk to family members and let them know that I am no longer willing to continue to be around their negative influences or behaviors. It is especially hard when they deny their behavior. Sometimes I am afraid that I will have to leave or limit my contact with a loved one. Change is hard.

I am aware that I still want my loved ones to be different so I can be more comfortable. I know that this may or may not happen. Trying to fix others to suit me is fruitless and frustrating! I recognize that I can only control and change me. How others behave is up to them.

I don’t have to continue to act as if inappropriate behavior is acceptable. Maybe I will leave the room. Perhaps I can say something. I always have choices. I can find happiness, peace and a sense of personal power as I change myself to suit my needs even if I am the only one around me that changes.

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