What can I do to make the world a better place?

What can I do?what

I make mistakes every day! Some mistakes seem to be bigger than others. But, I know that my intentions are good. I am doing the best that I can with where I am at and with the knowledge that I have. I worry that others will judge me and think badly of me, but I have no control over others. What can I do?

Other people make mistakes everyday too. I do have control over my own reactions and thoughts. I can give others the benefit of the doubt and think well of them. Others are doing the best that they can with where they are at and with the knowledge they have. Who can I forgive or show mercy to today?

I can analyze my behavior and thoughts and make amends or changes quickly when needed. I can stop worrying about what others think about me since I can do nothing about that anyway. Worry and stress will only hurt me and will never solve problem. What can I do better today than yesterday?

If I am angry, worried, stressed or anxious I can stop and do something to take care of myself. I can write it all out and let it go. I can talk to a trusted person and hear their ideas. When I do something physical like going for a walk or exercising it helps to relieve stress. I can pray and tell my Father how I am feeling and ask for His help. I can ask for a blessing. What can I do to take care of myself today?

What if…? These questions make me worry!

what ifWhat if questions make me fearful worried and anxious.

“What if…” Too often I have said or thought these two little words that bring such fear, worry and anxiety into my life. What if my loved ones slip up again? My loved one could spend all our money and then we could not pay our bills! What if my loved one loses his job? What if my loved ones don’t come home? What if my loved one doesn’t take care of the children while I am gone? My imagination can think of lots of things to fill in the blank.

Yes, all these things could possibly happen, but they probably won’t. I am filling myself with lots of dread and am putting myself through needless suffering. Fear, worry and anxiety keep me in the past and future so I do not enjoy the present. They will not prepare me for these things if they do happen. I cannot do anything about things that have not happened.

I cannot see the future. Just because something may have happened in the past does not mean it will happen today or in the future. I can live “one day at a time” and be grateful and happy today. I can handle things as they come along.