Trapped and helpless!


I once felt trapped by my circumstances and my fear. My dreams were full of dangerous people and danger all around me and left me feeling helpless and hopeless.

Sometimes I slip back into feeling trapped and helpless by life and my current challenges. But, I know that God is here beside me and supports me. He will help me with my problems and help me take risks. I still hesitate and hope for a miracle and for my circumstances to change. But, the real miracle is in knowing that God is here beside me and will guide and lead me forward if I let Him. He will help me with my fears. He will lead me to find new solutions to my problems. I am free to take an action or not, to move forward, to make a choice that feels right.

It takes courage to do things outside of my comfort range. Courage is a gift from God as I learn to trust Him. “Courage is fear that has said its prayers”.