support meetings keep me sane!

support meetingsI am thankful for support meetings.

I am learning that support meetings are a way of life. They teach me how to apply the Savior’s atonement to my life in practical ways.

I learn these practical lessons from the steps and principles and also from listening to and watching how others apply the atonement to their lives. Support meetings keep me present, looking around me more clearly and with more understanding. They keep me from wallowing in self-pity and help me see my blessings. The meetings remind me that happiness and gratitude are attitudes that I can develop. I think everyone would benefit from attending support meetings!

I find that I quickly fall back into old habits and weaknesses if I begin to think that I no longer need to go to meetings. It is harder to grow and learn when I am only listening to my own thoughts. I am a much happier, healthier person when I can share and listen to others in meetings.

I know that I can help newcomers in my support meetings. If everyone stopped coming after finishing the 12 steps or principles, then there would be no one for the newcomers to listen and learn from. I am so thankful that there are long time members in the support groups I attend. What a gift of experience, faith and hope they are for me! I learn so much from newcomers. They often say something that helps me deal with my own situations. They help me remember where I used to be and show me how much I’ve grown. Newcomers bring a breath of fresh air and new ideas and thoughts to meetings.

I am so thankful for support group meetings. They keep me sane.

I am broken


Before I found support groups I was broken, numb and my life was out of control. I thought life just happened to people and I certainly had no control over it. Even as an adult I felt like a child and that everyone knew better than me. Everyone knew how to do or handle things while I did not.

Slowly I learned to listen to my feelings and even to give them a name. Gradually I learned to feel my feelings and to express them in appropriate ways. I slowly built a link between my broken self and God and then to my whole and healed self. God is taking my shattered self and piecing it together into wholeness through the atonement of Jesus Christ. I am learning how the atonement can and will heal me.

Today I am still not totally whole and healed. I am still working on myself and always will be. But, I can see that whole person now and most of the time I feel more whole than broken.

I need love, support and help

together supportSupport

Addiction breeds isolation, misery, fear and low self-esteem on the part of those with addictions and those who love them. I knew I needed support but did not know where to find it.

I tried talking to people I trusted but they did not know how to help me and often would say things that hurt instead of relieving my pain. I began to feel that I must keep everything to myself and this increased my isolation. I feared that others would think badly of my loved one, of me and my family. When I found someone I could talk to I often would overwhelm them with all the negative emotions and happenings in my life.

When I found support groups I felt a great relief and weight off my shoulders. Finally I heard other people’s stories that I could relate to. It seemed that everything others said they were feeling and experiencing were my feelings and experiences. I cried all the way through my first meeting. In time I was also able to share my feelings and what was going on in my home. I slowly began to heal, to find peace and hope.

What have I learned during my journey? I have learned to love and trust support groups. They are confidential and have taught me about the atonement. A good therapist can really help. They will keep your conversations confidential and can help you heal. My bishop has been an invaluable source of support. He has given me wonderful blessings that have helped me to see God’s love for me and to see His tender mercies in my life. I have learned that it is best not to talk to others about my loved ones addictions and my pain unless I am prompted to do so.

All of us need love, support and help. Having a good support system can make the difference between misery, despair and isolation or a healthy thriving life.

Why do I still attend support groups?

Support groups have saved my life from chaos and misery.

freedom lifeWhen I first started attending support meetings I thought I would quickly learn how to manage my loved ones with addictions and how to heal myself and then I wouldn’t need to attend any longer. I was very busy and thought that I had no time for meetings every week.

After 2 years someone asked me why I still attended meetings. I told them that I tried to stop attending meetings and found that I slip too easily back into my old ways of coping with things and being miserable. Support meetings have taught me how to use the atonement to find peace. I need that peace and happiness in my life.

After four years my daughter asked me why I still attend meetings. I told her that they help me to mind my own business and help me to stay out of her business. Minding my own business is still a full-time job.

I have now passed my six year mark of attending support meetings. I still love attending meetings. They always buoy me up and leave me feeling better than when I came. I believe that support meetings have saved my life from chaos and misery. I don’t know what I would have done without the support of longtime members when I first came to support groups. I hope that I can pass the message along.

Support groups help me to see

Support groups.

hands support groupsWe all see things as we are not as they really are. Support groups help me to put things in perspective.

Going to support meetings helps me to be honest with myself and to see things as they really are. Things are rarely as bad as I think they are and at meetings I hear that “no situation is hopeless”. I can talk to others and see where my thoughts and actions are illogical. As I listen to others I discover ideas to use in my own life. I see others in far worse situations than my own that are happy, joyful and have serenity and I realize that these qualities are within my reach. I often come to a meeting feeling down and I time and again leave feeling buoyed up and hopeful.

Support groups are helping me learn how to leave my crazy, illogical thinking behind. I’m learning how to be honest, easy going and happy in my everyday life.