If I smile I feel better! Humor can lighten my load.

smileSmile 🙂

Humor is a way to lighten up my mood, my day, my life. If I smile, even if I think I have nothing to smile about, my load lightens, my day is brighter and I feel better.

If I take the time to stop and look for the humor in a situation I can face it with a different and better attitude. Humor helps me to see a bigger picture and more solutions to a problem. Sometimes I can even see that a problem is really not a big deal and I can let it go.

I can cultivate an attitude of looking at the lighter side of things. I can recognize the humor in situations. When I am willing to laugh at myself I feel happier. If I grin at others then I find myself smiling inside. I can have a lighter brighter day.       🙂