Self-deception: Seeing things as I am


I share the trait of self-deception with my loved ones who have addictions. If someone heard my sad tale of life with my loved ones and then listened to my loved one’s equally sad tale of life with me, they would sound like totally different stories! “We do not see the world as it is, we see it as we are”. We each minimize our own weaknesses and remember situations in our own way.

When I hear others stories, I need to refrain from giving advice to make a radical change. I cannot see the whole picture. Each person must make their own decisions.

Slowly I am learning to be present, to look at myself and others with open eyes and an open heart. As I seek to have the gift of being able to see clearly I am beginning to see better. I want to see things as they really are, as they really have been and as they really will be. I learn and grow as I weigh my choices, let go of judgement and learn to depend on the help of my Heavenly Father to make decisions.