When I don’t review my day I quickly fall back into old ways

Review my day.review my day

I have learned how important it is to stop and review my day. There are so many things in this world that can steal my time and lead me into bad habits and addictions without my realizing it. But, if I am looking at myself and my day I will see where I may be wasting time or becoming enslaved to something. I will see where I am falling back into my old ways and old attitudes.  When I make mistakes during the day I will see quickly that I need to make amends. If I look at and remember my goals I see if I have made any progress on them. I can take steps early to change my behavior before it becomes a bigger problem.

I fall back into old ways.

When I forget to take time to ponder about my day I can miss seeing the blessings that come daily from God. I am not as grateful and positive at the end of the day. God gives me many blessings and tender mercies that I can miss.

I quickly and easily fall back in to my old negative ways of coping with things. When I forget to take time to think about my day I do not realize when I am sinking back into old ways and they can quickly become bad habits again.

It is so easy to spend hours on the internet caught up and sucked into Facebook, games and apps. When I forget to take time to ponder and think about my day, then days turn into weeks, then months before I realize how little I am really accomplishing.

I really want to grow closer to God and my Savior Jesus Christ and do God’s will each day. When I stop and review each day I can see where I am doing things to accomplish that goal and where I need to make a change. I am choosing God when I consciously think about the choices I am making each day.