Problems I do have!


All of us have them. Sometimes my problems seem overwhelming to me! They are all I can think of. They monopolize all of my time, energy and thoughts.

I need to think about and pray about my difficulties to find solutions. But, when my thoughts start to go around in circles, my problems can take over my whole life. When I dwell on my trials they become bigger and bigger. They seem bigger than they really are. When I look around me and see others and their difficulties, then my difficulties shrink. When I serve others around me and especially when I can help others with their problems, then my problems shrink back to normal size and my life is richer and brighter.

I’m sure God does not look at my problems the same way that I do. He might see them as lessons to learn or obstacles to overcome and strengthen me. My attitude really affects my difficulties. If I can look at my trials as stepping stones back to my Heavenly Father, then I remember to ask God what He wants me to learn. When I do this, sometimes they don’t even look like problems anymore, they look more like opportunities and even blessings. “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are”.

Have problems? I know what you should do!


When I catch myself thinking that I know what someone else should do, I can laugh at myself now. I used to always think that I had the solutions for everyone else’s problems.

I used to always have the solutions for everyone else’s difficulties, but I never knew what I should do. How illogical is that? If I really knew the answer to everyone else’s questions and problems, then I would have no worries of my own.

I am learning to try and listen instead of giving unwanted advice. It takes practice, and I often have to make amends. Everyone around me is smart and capable and God is involved in their life and will help them. I can support others by listening and giving advice when asked and only if prompted to say something. When I focus on myself I realize that God is involved in my life and will help me. I can concentrate on my own problems and questions and seek guidance from my Heavenly Father.