As I learn about abuse & addiction I can despair

learnWhat I learn can give me power.

As I learn about addiction and abuse I gain knowledge and knowledge is power. But, if I’m not careful, as I read I can sink into anxiety and worry and negative self-talk.

I might wonder what I am still doing with these people and worry about all the “wasted” time I have spent going nowhere. Sometimes I forget that I am and have been doing the best that I can with where I am at in each moment. I can forget how much I have learned and what a different person I am now than I used to be.

God has been with me and has been guiding me. I learn more and grow as I am ready and willing to do so. Heavenly Father can help me to learn as I am reading. As I seek to know God’s will and ask for power to carry out His will He helps me draw the right conclusions and make the right decisions. Knowledge and power becomes wisdom and peace as I move in the directions God is leading