I am overwhelmed


I am overwhelmed by house cleaning tasks, large to-do lists, callings and responsibilities. Often I am stuck looking at a task and end up doing nothing.

Cooking for dinner one evening, I spilled some milk on the counter. I took a cloth and wiped it up. As I stepped back I noticed the now clean area on my counter. I saw how this related to “one day at a time”. I don’t have to look at a task and do it all at once. When I see a large task and break it down into steps, I get it done one step at a time. As I do one small step at a time I can get things done!

When I find myself being overwhelmed by how much there is to get done, I will stop and remember to take one day, one moment, one task, one step at a time. I accomplish so much when I remember and apply “one day at a time” to each part of my life.