One day at a time

Dancing through each day!


I used to live in a situation where I was miserable. I was unhappy and anxious and fearful and did the best that I could to survive each day. The people around me were probably miserable by my attitude and unhappiness.

Then I discovered support groups and learned that my attitude has a lot to do with my own happiness. I began living “one day at a time” and found that I could live with anything for a short period. My happiness grew and I learned to take care of myself.

One day while reading I realized that taking things “one day at a time” is really for temporary things. I can get through things by living “one day at a time”, but there might be changes I need to make if what I’m dealing with is going to stay long term. For instance, if a job is hard on me emotionally, spiritually and physically, then dealing with it “one day at a time” might help me make it through, but am I really “accepting the unacceptable”? Should I be looking for a new job that fits me better?

I realized that I don’t have to just make it through; I can dance through each day. Taking care of me might mean getting out of the house, serving others or hanging out with family. I can start or work on a project. I can stop doing things that don’t work for me anymore. Taking care of me doesn’t mean just making it through another day. It means thriving and learning and growing. I am learning how to “use the right tool, in the right way for the right job”.