I am the master of my own soul

I am master over memaster

In the poem “Invictus” by the William Ernest Henley, he says “I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.” I really like these lines!

In the first place it reminds me that I do have power and control over my own life. I can control my own feelings, what I am learning, what I do and say, my attitudes, etc.

But, on the hand, I need to remember that I do need God’s help and guidance in my life. Everything goes better when I am seeking to do His will and not my own.

I notice it says “my fate” and “my soul”. This reminds me that I am not the master over anyone else’s life. I need to “mind my own business”. I can restrain myself from giving so much advice and remember God is not just mine; He will help everyone else too. I want the right and the dignity to learn and grow at my own pace and I can give others around me that freedom too.

I am the master of my own fate. I am the captain of my own soul. This is my life!