Have problems? I know what you should do!


When I catch myself thinking that I know what someone else should do, I can laugh at myself now. I used to always think that I had the solutions for everyone else’s problems.

I used to always have the solutions for everyone else’s difficulties, but I never knew what I should do. How illogical is that? If I really knew the answer to everyone else’s questions and problems, then I would have no worries of my own.

I am learning to try and listen instead of giving unwanted advice. It takes practice, and I often have to make amends. Everyone around me is smart and capable and God is involved in their life and will help them. I can support others by listening and giving advice when asked and only if prompted to say something. When I focus on myself I realize that God is involved in my life and will help me. I can concentrate on my own problems and questions and seek guidance from my Heavenly Father.