Sometimes the “good stuff” hurts!

Good Stuff Hurts.good

Have you ever felt bad after receiving a hug? Or had to leave a support meeting early because you could not take any more good stuff? Or had to leave a Sunday school class or other class because the topic hurt too much to stay? Sometimes good things hurt because they bring up painful feelings or memories from growing up or from the circumstances I have had to deal with when living with and loving others with addictions.

As I talk to a trusted person about these feelings, I am able to let them go. When I spent time writing my fourth step and talking to a mentor about my writings I found that the past was not as painful as it had been. I even like me sometimes. As I attend support meetings and watch, learn and express my feelings, I am healing from hurtful memories and painful circumstances through the power of the atonement.

As I look at myself now and look back on myself, I see many changes. I can enjoy hugs, look forward to support meetings, support others and enjoy and learn from classes of all topics. The atonement is amazing and affects all areas of my life. Life is good!

Why am I hurt?

Why am I hurt? I can choose my reactions.

woman_crying hurtWhy am I hurt and upset at what someone else says or does? I take things too personally! Even if they are my loved ones, I can let things go. My peace of mind and serenity are too precious to give up so easily.


Q    quit
T    taking
I     it
P    personally