Support groups help me to see

Support groups.

hands support groupsWe all see things as we are not as they really are. Support groups help me to put things in perspective.

Going to support meetings helps me to be honest with myself and to see things as they really are. Things are rarely as bad as I think they are and at meetings I hear that “no situation is hopeless”. I can talk to others and see where my thoughts and actions are illogical. As I listen to others I discover ideas to use in my own life. I see others in far worse situations than my own that are happy, joyful and have serenity and I realize that these qualities are within my reach. I often come to a meeting feeling down and I time and again leave feeling buoyed up and hopeful.

Support groups are helping me learn how to leave my crazy, illogical thinking behind. I’m learning how to be honest, easy going and happy in my everyday life.

It’s OK to feel my feelings


Feelings are part of life – they are part of what make me human. Being human is okay and having feelings is okay. It’s important to feel my negative emotions, go through them, and then be able to let them go. Sometimes I run away from feelings. Running away from emotions can look like many things: addictions, obsessions, not being present, hiding, reading, trying to control other people and situations, running away, etc.

I run away because I don’t want to feel bad. Negative emotions include: anger, being tired, feeling lonely, stress, sadness, feeling bored, being hungry, not feeling good enough, low self-esteem, fear, pain anxiety, confusion, guilt, helplessness, hopelessness, etc. But, good and bad feelings are part of life. And dealing with them in healthy ways is one of the things I am here on earth to learn.

I can feel emotions, go through them and let them go. It’s okay to feel deeply, to cry and feel bad. And then I need to let them go – sometimes this is the hard part. I can write in a journal or go for a walk and think. I can pray and tell God exactly what I’m feeling and ask for help. I might get insights about a situation that may have caused the feeling, sometimes the bad feelings just go away, or sometimes I get ideas of things I can do. I know God knows what I feel and what I’m going through, but when I take the time to actually tell Him everything it really helps. I can ask myself: how old is this feeling and what is this feeling about? Sometimes it is a childhood wound that just keeps popping up until I acknowledge it and heal my inner child.

I feel many more good emotions of peace, joy and happiness when I take care of my bad feelings. Ignoring and numbing my bad feelings makes me unable to feel my good emotions too!