Grow: I can be a new person!

growTo change and grow takes time.

When I first came to support meetings and saw the healthy happy people around me and saw the value of the steps, I decided that I was going to give my best effort and be healthy and happy too. I did not understand “easy does it”. I was positive that I could get through the steps in a couple months, grow and be a new person.

But, I quickly became exasperated with how long each step took to complete. Frustration came quickly when I easily fell back into old ways when I knew a better way now. This frustration led to a feeling of depression. Then I heard others talk more about being gentle with themselves and about how change takes time.

I know that I developed bad habits and negative ways of dealing with things over my lifetime. I should not expect to change and react in happy healthy ways immediately. As I open my mind to being more flexible, and apply the lessons I am learning to my life, I will change and grow. I will be gentle with myself and everything and everyone around me and remember “easy does it”.

I am the Hero in my Life!

heroSuper Hero

I love books and movies that tell a story of a hero and their personal growth. I love watching a character grow and learn and become a better person. Realizing that I am the hero in my own life story helps me to move forward in powerful ways.

With God’s help, I am discovering my own hidden defects and lost memories and am bringing them out in the open. Heavenly Father knows how to help me see my defects and lost memories and knows the right timing for each one. He helps me overcome and deal with them one by one.

I am the hero in my own life story. Today I can live my own adventure of personal discovery and growth. God stands with me as I face my own darkness. I am emerging into the light and joy of release from all that has held me back. I am finding treasures of growth, peace, joy and serenity in my own life story.

I Need Peace, Serenity and God’s love


Peace, serenity, God’s love – these are the things I need in my life, and these are the things that are hard to find in my situation sometimes. I testify that through the atonement of Jesus Christ I can find peace, serenity and be able to feel God’s love. God can help me to know what to do through prayer and scripture study, through friends and support groups. This is how I learn how to support and to take care of myself. These things allow me to grow and to learn to be happy.