God is my best friend

Best Friendbest friend

I used to believe everything that my loved ones with addictions told me. I had very low self-esteem and was often in despair. I am learning to be a more spiritual person and to depend upon God for peace, guidance, love, and support. Best friends tell you the truth and stand up for you. They walk with you during the hard times and rejoice with you during the good times. God is my best friend.

  • When my loved one tells me I’m a liar and cannot be trusted, God says to me “Ouch! I love you and trust you”.
  • When my loved one doesn’t speak to me for days, God gives me peace and talks with me and says “It’s so nice outside! Let’s go out and take a walk.”.
  • When my loved one misses my choir performance, God says “The music was so wonderful! Thank you!”.
  • When my loved one smashes the bathroom door open or pours water on me, God tells me “That is unacceptable behavior, you need to get help.”.
  • With my loved one says that I am fat and never tells me that I look nice, God tells me “You are beautiful!”.
  • When my loved one embarrasses me in public by knocking things off the shelf at the store and says “That’s just too bad.”, God reminds me “This is not about you.”.
  • When my loved one throws something on the floor and makes a mess and I want to clean it up, God says “Don’t do what they can do for themselves.”.
  • When my loved one cheats on me, God says “Remember that you have choices.”.
  • With my loved one quits his job and I don’t make enough money to pay the bills, God tells me “I’ll help you pay the mortgage. Everything is going to be OK.”.
  • When my loved one refuses to get help for his addiction, God says “You’ve done what you can, it’s time to step back.”.
When something happens that hurts me and destroys my peace, my best friend is always nearby. He waits for me to turn to Him and ask for help, direction and guidance. When I turn to God peace returns to me.