I need a good example. Sometimes I am impatient, ungrateful and hateful.

exampleGod is my example.

God is so patient, loving and kind with me! He waits for me to see and understand. He gives me many blessings and is patient with my ungratefulness. God loves me no matter what I have done or said or thought. He forgives me of my many mistakes and sins and waits for me to change. He patiently waits for me to ask before giving me His advice, guidance and counsel.

I see God’s example of patience, love and kindness towards me. I notice my impatience toward others and strive to patiently allow them their freedom. Sometimes I react with anger towards others when they don’t behave as I would like. I can stop and try to love unconditionally. I notice when I look the other way or react unkindly to others and work on being kind even when I’m tired or busy.

Now I see that I’m being impatient, unloving and unkind towards myself! As I see how God treats me, I remember that I am His child and I deserve patience, love and kindness even from myself.

God shows me how to be patient, loving and kind towards myself and others. As I try to follow His example I feel more joy, serenity and peace.