I love epiphanies!

understanding epiphaniesEpiphanies!

Some people like epiphanies and some don’t. I love epiphanies!

I like epiphanies because I now realize that I get things when I am ready to understand them. There have been times when someone has told me something and I’ve thought “That’s nice.” and immediately forgot about it. Later I heard the same thing and it meant so much more. I used to berate myself for not getting things earlier, but that does no good and only brings up my old ways of dealing with things: anger, fear and anxiety. To really understand something it must be the right time, the right place, the right circumstances and come from the right source.

One day I was talking about giving my burdens to God and heard myself saying “but I keep taking them back.” I realized that I have more control over my own happiness or misery than I recognized.

Another epiphany I had was when I was reading an article and realized that I was subconsciously thinking of myself as a victim and my loved one as a perpetrator. This was affecting my attitude and all that I felt and did. Recognizing this was really an eye-opener. As a victim I could not be happy. I open up a wide vista of happiness, peace and fulfillment when I let go of being a victim. I am not a victim!

I love epiphanies and look forward to getting them. I know that I will understand things in the right time for me.