Detach sounds like a bad thing!


I used to think that detaching was a bad thing. I love this person, why would I even want to detach? How can I be a kind and loving person if I detach?

Over time I am learning that detaching with love is a valuable tool. In fact, detaching with love is a loving way of life. Detaching with love allows me to take care of myself so I can serve and help others with my bucket full. Detaching with love sometimes means stepping back and allowing others to struggle, learn and grow. If a loved one is trying to pull me into an argument I don’t have to read and answer every text. I can let calls go to voice mail. I don’t have to respond immediately to every request and question. I can say “Let me get back to you on that.” Sometimes serving someone else is taking care of me. If I ask, Heavenly Father will help me to know what is needful and when I need to say no or let go.

As I am learning to detach with love I am finding that my life is more relaxed, serene and peaceful. I do not have to participate in drama. Taking care of me is a full time job!