Immediate decisions

Or wise decisions?decisions

I used to make decisions by reacting to my confusion, anger or fear. These do not make a good base for decision making! My life was out of control.

I’m learning in support groups that I don’t have to make a decision right this second, or when I’m feeling intense emotions. I can say “Let me think about that” or “I will get back to you on that”. If I say something I later regret I can go back and say “I made a mistake, this is what I really want to do”.

I am learning that emotions are natural and human. It is OK to feel feelings, to go through them, then to let them go. To help me deal with my emotions I can talk to a trusted friend, write in my journal or go for a walk or swim. I can calmly weigh the pros and cons of a matter. I can pray for guidance and inspiration.

No one is perfect and today I still don’t make decisions perfectly. But, I can give myself more time to think about things. When I give myself permission to take risks and realize I don’t have to do things perfectly I feel less stress. If something is worth doing, I might do it badly at first while I am learning to do it, and that is OK. I can make good decisions. My self-confidence is growing.