I am a fixer

I cannot fix or control anyone else.

One of my weaknesses is trying to fix people. I think I know what everyone else should do, but often have no idea what I should do. I am learning to focus on myself and to think through things and make decisions for myself.

I really do not know what is best for someone else. Thinking that I know what is best for another person is just another way I show my own illogical thinking of trying to control the uncontrollable – other people, places and things. When I go to support groups I am around many people that have lots of problems and live in various circumstances. I can help others by letting them talk things through and by sharing my own experience, faith and hope. I am not helping when I tell another person what they should do or say or how they should feel. I am falling back into my own weaknesses.

I need to remember to allow others the freedom and joy of learning, growing and thinking through and solving their own problems. I am learning to take responsibility for my own life and I can allow others the same privilege.

I CAN Control Myself

I can only control me.

One of my shortcomings is that I try to control everything and everyone around me, except for myself. I didn’t see the inconsistency in this thinking. Even now, that I know better, I often find myself slipping back into old thought patterns and actions – especially when things get hard or something new happens. I know that trusting God and his plan for me makes me happy and takes away fear and anxiety, but I keep giving God my will, then taking it back again. Slowly, I am learning to trust God more, and to give him my will more often and more easily and for longer periods of time.