I am broken


Before I found support groups I was broken, numb and my life was out of control. I thought life just happened to people and I certainly had no control over it. Even as an adult I felt like a child and that everyone knew better than me. Everyone knew how to do or handle things while I did not.

Slowly I learned to listen to my feelings and even to give them a name. Gradually I learned to feel my feelings and to express them in appropriate ways. I slowly built a link between my broken self and God and then to my whole and healed self. God is taking my shattered self and piecing it together into wholeness through the atonement of Jesus Christ. I am learning how the atonement can and will heal me.

Today I am still not totally whole and healed. I am still working on myself and always will be. But, I can see that whole person now and most of the time I feel more whole than broken.