Blessings and Tender Mercies

blessingsRecognizing blessings.

Tender mercies and blessings from God are evidence of His love for me. I often miss them!

I need to remember to actively look for tender mercies. Recognizing Heavenly Father’s love is easier if I remember to review my day every evening. I am more likely to recognize God’s love if I write in my journal. I am more likely to see tender mercies when I have a grateful attitude and when I pray and remember to thank God. Remembering God’s love comes when I take time to ponder and meditate and spend some time with God.

Tender mercies from God are great treasures! I can treasure them up in my heart and write them down. I can keep them in a safe place. When hard times come, and they always do, I can take out my journal and read about all that I’ve received from God. As I read, I remember my blessings and I remember the feelings I had when they happened. My blessings help me and sustain me and remind me that God loves me and that I can get through difficult times.