Beauty is here if I look for it

beautyThere is beauty all around!

If I focus on the present moment and do “the next right thing”, I can make this a good day! If I focus on the past, wishing I could change it, I am wasting the precious moments of today. When I focus on the future, I waste more time becoming worried and anxious thinking of what might happen. If I focus on my troubles and trials I waste even more precious time as my thoughts anxiously go round and round. If instead I focus on this very moment and notice the beauty around me and do what I need to do right now, then I am happy and productive.

There is beauty all around me! There is beauty in the movement of the leaves in the breeze and all the colors of this day. All around me I can see the beauty in the expressions on the faces of people. There is beauty in a lovely flower or a butterfly flying by. There is beauty in listening to the birds sing or the sound of the wind rushing through the trees. All around there is beauty if I just stop and notice.

There is so much that I think I need to do and that needs to be done that I can get overwhelmed and then accomplish nothing. But if I carefully consider what the next right thing to do is, I can usually come up with a short list that I can prioritize for today. I look at my own needs, my family’s needs and the needs of others around me. If I prayerfully ask for God’s help, I can see what the next right thing is.

Today is a gift from God. I can make this a good day! I can live in and enjoy this moment and make my life more rewarding and serene. When I put aside critical thoughts of others I am less judgmental. I can put down my troubles and worry. I will live as well as I can today.