Keeping the atonement front and center

Learning how to use the atonement

Before I started going to support groups I was feeling hopeless and that my life was unmanageable. I felt despair and far from God. I did not know how to apply the atonement of Jesus Christ to my situation and really did not know that I should be using it. My constant companions were fear and anxiety. I felt alone and that no one knew or felt what I was going through. Satan had me firmly in his grasp and I did not even know it.

The very first support meeting I went to, I just sat and listened and cried all the way through it. Everything everyone said, I could relate to. What people were feeling, I felt. I had finally found a place where I felt I belonged and people who knew what I was going through. There were even people who were going through worse things than I and they were happy! And growing! And were laughing with others and at themselves! I was amazed and wanted what they had.

Support meetings have taught me how to apply the atonement to me, to my life. The atonement has given me hope and taught me how to trust in God. My loved ones have not changed, but I have changed and that has made all the difference!

When I look back at what I was and how I felt and compare that to myself now, I am so thankful for the atonement and for support meetings, and for every person who attends, because they teach me and help me keep my balance. I have found that when I don’t come to meetings, I tend to slip back into old ways and patterns and hopelessness returns. The atonement and the people that come to support meetings are my life line that keep hope and trust in God at the front and center of my life.

I am Praticing Patience


Patience is hard to have when dealing with addictions. How do I be patient with a relapse? How do I respond appropriately to all the crazy things that happen in my life when I live with and around loved ones with addictions?

I am learning many things as I practice patience and waiting on my Heavenly Father. I am learning independence – to be happy no matter what is going on around me. I’m learning to give myself love and acceptance and not to depend on others for those things. I’m learning to take responsibility for my own growth and learning.

The enabling power of the atonement of Jesus Christ helps me to grow and learn and change. I am so thankful for Jesus Christ. He walks with me and carries my burdens as I practice patience and learn to give my burdens to Him.