I want my loved ones to accept me

Accept me.accept

I desperately want my loved ones to accept me as I am. Sometimes they seem to get upset with me over the smallest things. I want to have a good relationship with my loved ones and to be able to talk and communicate with them. I want love and affection from my loved ones and to feel loved and accepted and supported.

In support groups I have found the acceptance that I have want so much. I am learning that I am lovable and that “although I make mistakes, I am not a mistake”. I am learning to like myself.

In finding acceptance in other areas, I still want my loved ones to accept me. I want them to stop getting upset with me over seemingly small things. I want them to think like I do. But, in support groups I am learning that this is control, self-righteousness and arrogance. No one is the same. Sometimes the things that bother me the most in others are the very things that I do myself.

I cannot change others, but I can work on myself. I can work on my character defects of control, self-righteousness and arrogance as I practice “live and let live” and “detach with love” and “keep the focus on myself”.