Advice does not help others?


Sometimes I hear stories of great upheaval, hurt, anger and abuse. But, I must be careful not to give advice and especially not to encourage someone to make a drastic change. I am only hearing one side of the story. Everyone must think carefully about their situations and make their own decisions with God’s help. I cannot tell someone else what to do in their life because I am responsible only for myself and will never be able to see all sides of someone else’s life.

When I first came to support meetings my thoughts and reports of my grievances were highly dramatized and colored by my confusion, fear and anxiety. With my constant fear, tension, anxiety and frustration I was not capable of rational perspective. As I learn to apply the atonement of Jesus Christ and the tools I learn about in support meetings, I am slowly relaxing and am able to see my part in my troubles. I am learning to have compassion and understanding for my loved ones and their deep unhappiness and guilt. I am learning that I can only control me and to put the focus on myself. As I focus on my shortcomings I am able to change and grow towards peace, happiness and serenity.

When I hear others people’s stories I am learning to be there for them instead of giving advice. When I support, love and listen I better understand others and myself. I am learning to have empathy. Peace, happiness and serenity are taking the place of fear, tension, anxiety and frustration.

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