I am the Hero in my Life!

heroSuper Hero

I love books and movies that tell a story of a hero and their personal growth. I love watching a character grow and learn and become a better person. Realizing that I am the hero in my own life story helps me to move forward in powerful ways.

With God’s help, I am discovering my own hidden defects and lost memories and am bringing them out in the open. Heavenly Father knows how to help me see my defects and lost memories and knows the right timing for each one. He helps me overcome and deal with them one by one.

I am the hero in my own life story. Today I can live my own adventure of personal discovery and growth. God stands with me as I face my own darkness. I am emerging into the light and joy of release from all that has held me back. I am finding treasures of growth, peace, joy and serenity in my own life story.

Blessings and Tender Mercies

blessingsRecognizing blessings.

Tender mercies and blessings from God are evidence of His love for me. I often miss them!

I need to remember to actively look for tender mercies. Recognizing Heavenly Father’s love is easier if I remember to review my day every evening. I am more likely to recognize God’s love if I write in my journal. I am more likely to see tender mercies when I have a grateful attitude and when I pray and remember to thank God. Remembering God’s love comes when I take time to ponder and meditate and spend some time with God.

Tender mercies from God are great treasures! I can treasure them up in my heart and write them down. I can keep them in a safe place. When hard times come, and they always do, I can take out my journal and read about all that I’ve received from God. As I read, I remember my blessings and I remember the feelings I had when they happened. My blessings help me and sustain me and remind me that God loves me and that I can get through difficult times.

How do I Detach with Love?

Detach with love.detach

At support meetings I often hear “detach with love”. But, how to I detach from my loved one and why should I? Is that even a good idea?

I can make myself crazy by trying to find out what my loved ones are doing when I’m not there, or by worrying about what they are doing, or by trying to control their life and situations so they won’t be tempted to turn to their addictions. These kinds of things can make me anxious and worried and keep me in turmoil and chaos.

There are healthy ways to detach from my loved ones with addictions. If I relax and let myself find peace and focus on my own healing, I can find serenity. I know that I will be given the knowledge I need when I need it. My job is to take care of myself. I can trust my loved one to Heavenly Father. He knows how to help them much more than I can.

God will help me to know the things I can do and say that will influence my loved ones for good. I can seek for peace for myself and listen to Him.

I love epiphanies!

understanding epiphaniesEpiphanies!

Some people like epiphanies and some don’t. I love epiphanies!

I like epiphanies because I now realize that I get things when I am ready to understand them. There have been times when someone has told me something and I’ve thought “That’s nice.” and immediately forgot about it. Later I heard the same thing and it meant so much more. I used to berate myself for not getting things earlier, but that does no good and only brings up my old ways of dealing with things: anger, fear and anxiety. To really understand something it must be the right time, the right place, the right circumstances and come from the right source.

One day I was talking about giving my burdens to God and heard myself saying “but I keep taking them back.” I realized that I have more control over my own happiness or misery than I recognized.

Another epiphany I had was when I was reading an article and realized that I was subconsciously thinking of myself as a victim and my loved one as a perpetrator. This was affecting my attitude and all that I felt and did. Recognizing this was really an eye-opener. As a victim I could not be happy. I open up a wide vista of happiness, peace and fulfillment when I let go of being a victim. I am not a victim!

I love epiphanies and look forward to getting them. I know that I will understand things in the right time for me.

Then I remember gratitude…


Here I am working full-time, taking care of the kids, making dinner, doing laundry, grocery shopping, having family home evening and family prayers, planning the vacations, cleaning the house, etc. As I make dinner yet again after a long day at work I silently complain about my loved one who doesn’t help out around the house.

Then I remember the tools I am learning in support groups. Where is my attitude of gratitude that I have been cultivating? I am thankful for my energy and ability to work hard. I am thankful for my legs and arms that support me as I make this dinner. I am thankful for my eyes that see my adorable children.

As my gratitude list grows my mood lightens and my mind is more at ease. I have more energy and feel more in control of my life. I notice that I am enjoying this task of making a delicious dinner for my family.  I call them in with a smile to help me finish up and set the table. Gratitude helps me to be happy, feel peace and to see things as they really are.